Felecia Ford and Mega Muse in the house for this very special last performance of the season for the 10 piece band. There will be lots of dancing involved as Felecia wrote this album and hand picked 2 super cool originals for the dancers!
Mega Muse WILL get you up and moving, it's a promise! A great supporting band Munirah will start at 8pm so please come early! Www.Munirah.com

Go check out this cool venue and see other great acts after FFMM's show.....the Blues Diva's with Canyon Road Blues Band plays the following day. Go! Don't forget this is a CD release, so look for the Merch table my friends. If you get hot and sweaty, FFMM ordered some special foldable fans with FF music.com QR code on them with "we love our fans!" Fan t'shirts/tank tops with an Ocean of Love logo on them and QR code frisbees coming your way! Nylon frisbee in the parking lot before and after the show anyone? See you there!