THE FLAME-live @ Frogville Studios
Written by Felecia Ford and Dave Turner
Performed by Felecia Ford & Mega Muse

I will write you
a thousand love songs
hold on
to the flame
feed me your words
I will taste them
Love me
while we’re watching the waves
the waves roll in
take me to the sea
I will give my heart
in the sun everyday
Hold on to the flame

Did it rain last night and were you caught in it
Did you hear the
echo echo echo echo of my voice of my voice of my voice
Calling you back
Hold on to
The Flame
oh to the Flame

Engineered by Jason Reed at Frogville Studios, Santa Fe NM.
Mikey Chavez-drums
Mathiew McClinton-Bass
Carli Marshall-Sax
Andy Kingston-Key
Chiefo Sanchez-Trumpet
Dave Turner-Guitar
Karina Wilson-Violin
Justin Lindsey-Guitar
Felecia Ford-Vocals